A powerflush is a system cleanse with the aim of removing Iron Oxide or "sludge". Sludge can get clogged up in the pipes and settle in the bottom of radiators causing cold spots and restrictions.

A powerflush, removes the central heating water from the system and dumps it away in a foul waste drain. This process is repeated many times. The water is heated to 85 degrees C with chemicals to breakdown tough sludge.

Reasons for Powerflushing

Powerflushing can be recommended for a number of different reasons, examples of this are:

  • New boiler installation

  • Breakdown prevention

  • Breakdown rectification

  • Energy savings of up to 15% each time the central heating is used

  • Radiator cold spots

  • Noisy boiler/system

  • Extend the lifetime of the boiler

JC GAS use the Power flush industry leading manufacturer Fernox power flush machine and chemicals.

Unlike many we prep the system 7 days before the process (unless urgent attention required) to loosen up any hard sludge. Every part of the flush will be conducted as per manufacturers instructions and a certificate will be handed of on completion stating the water quality before and after.


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